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Tintri VMstore
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Tintri VMstore

Featured Products

VMstore 7080

  • VMs (max): 7,500
  • vDisks (max): 22,500

VMstore 7060

  • VMs (max): 5,000
  • vDisks (max): 15,000

VMstore 7040

  • VMs (max): 2,500
  • vDisks (max): 7,500


NVMe is currently the fastest storage media available. But today’s IT departments realize that hardware performance is just one of many important factors that drive successful data center operations.

The T7000 is the first NVMe-based VMstore platform, leveraging DDN’s award-winning NVMe technology and providing 30% faster performance than previous generation VMstore systems. VMstore T7000 customers benefit from using the same storage hardware controller as DDN At-Scale solutions, deployed in the most demanding AI, analytics, deep learning and high IOPS workloads on the planet.


Better performance and capacity at similar price points than previous generation


Flexible configuration – pick a performance level and pick the amount of storage capacity


Simple cost-based optimization – Complete power and capacity choice across all T7000 configurations