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Tintri VMstore All-Flash Systems

Tintri VMstore EC6000 All-flash Series

EC6000 VM- and DB-Aware Intelligent Infrastructure

VMstore is a dynamic, flexible storage solution featuring real-time analytics and automation that dramatically reduces administrative overhead, all at the application level. Manage your entire footprint in minutes per day.

Tintri VMstore EC6090 All-Flash Array
Tintri VMstore EC6075 All-Flash Array
Tintri VMstore EC6055 All-Flash Array
Tintri VMstore EC6030 All-Flash Array


Tintri T1000 All-flash Series

T1000 Data Center Flexibilty for the ROBO

VMstore T1000 provides a link to your main data center at your smaller remote sites where an appropriately scaled solution is required. You will experience unifed management by the same Tintri Global Center instance.